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We are the national Coordination Centre against Human Trafficking and we also identify the nature and extent of human trafficking. We are committed to the interests and rights of victims and possible victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands in all its guises, including sexual exploitation, general labour exploitation, criminal exploitation, forced begging and forced organ removal. Human trafficking takes place right under our noses. Open your eyes! Identify it and report it.

About us

CoMensha, offers insight into human trafficking. We are the national, independent expertise and coordination centre that defends the rights and interests of victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands.

CoMensha | Insight into Human Trafficking:

  • provides insight into the nature and extent of human trafficking through registration;
  • coordinates initial care, assistance and shelter;
  • identifies obstacles, advises on them and puts the issues on the agenda;
  • provides training and education for professionals;
  • chairs the Strategic Consultation on Human Trafficking (Strategisch Overleg Mensenhandel), the platform for Care Coordinators and for Regional Reporting Hotlines. CoMensha is also a member of 'Taskforce Mensenhandel', the Dutch national Human Trafficking Task Force (see chain cooperation).

CoMensha works closely with the National Police, the Royal Dutch Marechaussee, the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (ISZW), the National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence against Children, various ministries and municipalities, reception centres, care institutions, various other national and international NGOs and the legal profession, among others.

CoMensha always works from the perspective of the victims. Open your eyes to human trafficking!