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Toolkit human trafficking/exploitation among undocumented migrants


Introduction toolkit
This toolkit helps to identify and follow up on signs of possible victimisation and to preventively discuss rights and risks with undocumented clients so that they can protect themselves from exploitation.

Download the document "Toolkit-0-Introduction" (PDF) 

Key messages on human trafficking
If you have contact with undocumented migrants, you can provide preventive information to reduce the risk of trafficking in human beings or exploitation. This twopager can be used in conversation and contains the most important information for undocumented migrants about their rights and about exploitation.

Download the document "Toolkit-1-Key-Messages" (PDF)

Signals list for human trafficking among undocumented migrants
What signs can you recognize in an undocumented client who is a victim of labour, sexual or criminal exploitation? This Signals list has been developed especially for professionals in support organisations.

Download the document "Toolkit-2-Warning-Signs-of-Exploitation" (PDF)

Checklist to follow up on signals of human trafficking
How do you interview an undocumented client who may be a victim of human trafficking? What questions can you ask? This brief checklist is designed to help you check your suspicions and determine the next step.

Download the document "Toolkit-3-Checklist" (PDF)

Help available for victims of human trafficking
Free specialist assistance is available in cases of possible trafficking/exploitation. Even if someone has no documents. This document informs you about the possibilities for a suspected trafficked person and about agencies that can help and advise. 

Download the document "Toolkit-4-Available-Support" (PDF)