Ik stond onder druk van bedreigingen en mijn gevoel van schaamte was groot KIM

Human Trafficking / Modern Slavery

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In the Netherlands, human trafficking is defined as: recruiting (for work), transporting or housing a person using force, coercion, deception, abuse of power or abusing a vulnerable position (such as with minors and refugees), with the aim of exploitation (taking away someone's income or not or not paying enough income).

This is a simplified definition; more extensive definitions are available on the website of the United Nations.

The (intended) exploitation is the core of human trafficking. Exploitation can take place in the sex industry, for example when someone involuntarily works for someone else in prostitution, but also in other economic sectors. This concerns such poor terms and conditions of employment that human rights are at stake. Also punishable as human trafficking is forcibly recruiting and transporting another with the aim of removing organs from the body of that other person. Or forcing / inciting people to commit criminal acts involving financial gain (criminal exploitation). Examples include dealing drugs, theft or cutting hemp tops.