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Mission & vision

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Our mission is to contribute to a world in which human trafficking is a thing of the past.

We are a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that cooperates with other organisations and authorities. These organisations are responsible for the fight against human trafficking, the investigation and prosecution of perpetrators and the care and support of victims.
CoMensha helps other parties by registering, sharing knowledge, identifying and reporting, but also by putting the issues on the agenda and, if necessary, encouraging action.

We are an independent organisation in an international field that serves a social interest, benefiting governments and the public as well as private parties.

The victim's perspective is always central to all our actions.

CoMensha has a lot of experience and knowledge to offer in the areas of registration, coordination of care, assistance, chain cooperation, legal processes and education. We play a coordinating role in caring for and assisting victims of human trafficking, identifying obstacles and providing solutions in the fight against human trafficking. Good cooperation, connecting all the parties involved and sharing knowledge are central to our contribution towards an effective approach to human trafficking.


CoMensha occupies a unique role in the Netherlands, with more registration data than anywhere else. But we want more. We are not just a passive centre for data and facts. Our knowledge is used to actively combat human trafficking and offer assistance and care to victims of human trafficking.

CoMensha is a national knowledge centre used by governments, chain partners, media and clients. All the key parties in the fight against human trafficking come to us, because knowledge, cooperation and innovation in the approach to human trafficking are developed and shared in this space.

Employees at CoMensha strive to build a just society.