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CoMensha has a small team of around twenty employees who are committed to fighting human trafficking.

Executive Director
The organisation is led by its executive director, Ms Ina (H.R.) Hut. Ina is supported by Annelies van der Hoeven, the executive secretary.

Mr Brian Oedayrajsingh Varma is our manager and forms the Management Team together with Ina Hut. Brian manages the consultants and advisors on dealing with human trafficking. Together with Ina Hut, he is also involved in strategy development and policy advice.

Help desk
CoMensha has a nationwide help desk for anyone who is involved in human trafficking or has questions about it. This includes the reporting and registration of victims of human trafficking and the search for care and advice.
A total of seven employees work on our help desk. Sandra, Noura, Erin, Joyce, Mariët, Lucy and Pinky work in alternating shifts of two people at a time.
You can reach them on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on +31 33 448 11 86. The email address is info@comensha.nl.

Advisers & consultants on dealing with human trafficking
CoMensha employs advisors and consultants. A number of them also have special projects and are involved in analysis and reporting. Special projects concern:

  • Municipalities (Helen de Jong and Marcus de Koning-Man),
  • Youth care (Helen de Jong and Joyce Tacl),
  • Healthcare providers (Helen de Jong and Marcus de Koning-Man)
  • and Labour exploitation (Eefje de Volder).
  • Sandra van den Berg is the first point of contact for questions about training and education on human trafficking and how to recognise the signals. 

Communication | Press Contacts
For questions about CoMensha's work and for interview requests, press/media organisations can contact +31 6 44 94 43 42 or +31 33 448 11 86 and/or communicatie@comensha.nl

Please direct financial questions to Steven Bessels. He can be reached on the general CoMensha number and/or at finance@comensha.nl. Any invoices for CoMensha can also be sent to this email address.

Marcel Flohr takes care of all matters related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Marcel can be reached on the general CoMensha telephone number and/or systeembeheer@comensha.nl

Supervisory Board
Our Supervisory Board consists of four members.

  • Mr Leen Diepenhorst MPA, Chairman
  • Ms Esther van Zeggeren MBA
  • Mr Joost P. de Bruin
  • Prof. Jan J.M. van Dijk

Advisory Board
CoMensha considers it important to continually gain knowledge and expertise as an organisation. In 2016, CoMensha appointed an Advisory Board, partly for these reasons, consisting of experts with very impressive track records in the field of human trafficking:

  • Prof. Conny R.J.J. Rijken
  • Dr Philip Veerman
  • Mr Tamme de Leur

CoMensha can call upon the ambassadorship services of Halina Reijn (famous Dutch actress) who joined the Human Trafficking Task Force, on which CoMensha has a seat, in the autumn of 2018.